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This happens when driving or idle. The length of time the light stays on varies. I've had the battery and the alternator tested. Battery tests good and the alt voltage is 14v. I'm also starting to notice a gas smell and high gas connsumption. The shake can be subltle or extreme (like the car may die).
Does the engine need to be pulled to fix it? The car needs to be sold. I would like to know what the costs might be and if it is worth it for an older car.
The clutch is seized. The serpentine belt just slides over it but the resistance on my belt is keeping my car from turning over. How do I disengage the clutch so the pulley can free spin .It's 700 for new airconditioning . I need the pulley to remain because of the serpentine belt.
Runs and idles fine and always starts right back up, but will die again when put in drive. Replaced coil and cam position sensor as this is what code was shown.
Was driving and serpentine belt broke due to the tensioner pulley seizing. Replaced both and now car won't crank. I was told possibly jumped time. Any suggestions?
I notice when I start my car it make noise, shakes and vibrate. It is sound scare as it shakes as well. I was thinking it the engine mount and the transmission mount but not sure what the problem is. I need help
My trunk will not open with the key Can I get in the trunk thru the back seat
This happens most of the time but i notice it going about 40 mph + Could it be my fuel pump going out? Thanks in advance for your feedback
There is not a visible location to add fluid back into the manual transmission clutch.
I got gas and then went to start the car and it would not start
Injectors flooding cylinder # 2 and # 3
Have changed Injectors but still same problem.
Also Battery light on dash had (alternator) tested and its ok.
New plugs/wirescore//head gasket/intake gasket
Car starts! but soon floods #2 and #3 with to much fuel....
Overheating put residtor with wires still no juice from box to coolant fan
Car when you get a certain speed it acts like it want to cut off. Like its not getting enough gas flow or air flow to engine.
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