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My husband was driving to work and he stopped at the red light, heard the car missing a little then got louder & louder. He pulled into work and the spark plugs pretty much just shot off..why would this happen? What do I need to fix this? Would spark plugs even make the car miss or something else? Thanks
So every time it rains outside and im driving my car acts like it wants to die, not like battery die, but like it has no gas power, I cant put pedal to the floor and it barley moves. I have no idea what is going on, every time i have someone look at it they cant find anything cause its not raining at the time. It doesn't make any funny noise when this happens. the most weird thing is that if its nice outside warm or cold weather as long as its not wet outside my car acts like nothing is wrong at all. Any advice on what to check out or really anything would be much appreciated!!
Ford Focus 2000 zx3 has a clutch safty switch fell off trifled to connect the two wires and start it but the ignition doesn’t even go to start mode it doesn’t even make it to turning the engine. Tried to hardwire and still nothing but push starting does work.
I have a 2000 Ford Focus that needs a new alternator SOHC 2.0 and was told that I can get one off of a 2005 Focus and was wondering if they are interchangeable?
My 1995 ford focus won't go into reverse
So one day, I changed my AC speed from 4 to 2 and then the AC button light went away and my AC went out. I changed the blow motor because two people told me that was problem because there was electricity flowing through it. When I press the relay for the AC in the fuse box, some part of the AC under the hood makes a noise (the noice it makes when my AC is on) but the AC doesn't turn on nor will the light turn on.

stopped running, seems fuel starvation
When i go over bumps the back of the car moves side ways
Turns their is no problem we change shocks and struts and it still has the same problem all the bushing look good, we rotated the tires. Do you have any ideas.

I just did a timing belt change, changed timing belt pulleys, the waterpump, added a cold air intake, autolite xp iridium plugs, motorcraft oil change with motorcraft filter cleaned the MAF using CRC maf cleaner, clean plug wire boots, freshly sealed the valve cover, flushed and cleaned the cooling system.

Ok before i did all this the car would not drive. It all started with a hard vibration while driving and then shut off. The car would then crank and start but when put into gear shut off. I replaced the mai. Engine fuse after it blew trying to run in this condition and then replaced the air intake on the original air cleaner box. The car thwn startef again moved about five feet n shut off again. The idle was fine at this point but when put in gear would become very ruff n shut off.

So i towed it home and perfomed tge fixes i mentioned above thinking my problem was my timing. I used the propep timing tools (bar and pin) and follwed professional instructions on setting the time properly. I used everything that was recommended by ford no substitutes.

After i finished all tge work i crunk up the car which started on the first crank but sounded louder than usual, seem to idle a little ruff but would smooth out when the gas is pressed. If i rev it up n let off the idle smooths out more but comes back at times. The car did seem to drive rather fine tho i only moved from one driveway to my other. I am wondering if the car just needs to be driven a few miles so that the computer may adjust. If its the new intake that seems so loud because tge sound is mostly coming from that area. Which is close to trans. Pan so it could be trans pan that is making noise hard to tell. Or if my timing is somehow still off. I was thinking IFF my timing was off like that the car wouldn't start and if it did even pressing the gas would not smooth it out.

If anyone has suggestions please let me know.
Im hoping i just need to drive a few miles.
Hey, the fuse keeps blowing everytime i put in a new one and start the a/c in the car, any idea what causes this?
I was told it was the cam shaft then the compression from the timing had jumped what can i do when i bought it they had replaced it with a used engine ive had to get the keys and ignition replaced cause they were getting stuck where the key goes in and wouldnt come out then after the keys started getting stuck it stopped running and not really trying to start but after i replaced them it fixed the issue of them getting stuck please help i dont know how to gwt it running or what the issue could be and dont have money to take it to a shop cause im on a fixed income with four kids and im still paying 190.00 a month on the loan i got to get it???
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