2007 Ford Five Hundred Questions

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Coolant is leaking fast in front of the car by radiator
How long have you had this problem? One week
When I turn the wheel left or right there is a whining sound. There is no loss of power to the steering. Is that a sign the power steering pump is on the way out or just in need of fluid but there may be a leak
How long have you had this problem? Just noticed it
Can it be done with out removing the whole dash
Keep popping up
The traction light won't turn off even when push the button to turn it off.
Just ran car and blower still doesn't work.
I have verified the bulbs work, brake light works just fine, but when i go to use the turn signal it will not work
I replaced the 02 sensor and the light still comes on
The fan runs constantly for my heater and a/c. Doesn't matter if its on auto or manual.
System normal until placed in reverse, then "off" warning illuminates and stays on until ignition is turned off. I've seen elsewhere that I should listen for "ticking at the sensor, but won't they be de-energized if the switch indicates that the system is off?
Abs, check engine, rpm, mph instrument not working
all the doors and trunk are closed
Car idles by itself and when you put it in gear it lunges forwards/backwards on its own. Is there a recall on these cars for this issue.
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