2006 Ford Five Hundred Questions

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Car runs very well it just jerks hard when you put in in gear. After in gear it's fine.
2006 ford five hundred
Car was sitting for 2 years with gas in in, put additive in and has been running fine for 2 weeks. I drove 2 seconds up the street the other day and it sounded like it wasn't getting gas. We replaced the fuel filter first and that didn't help so we just replaced the fuel pump and I still can't get it to run.
i put in another control panel with the same result. i do not know what else to do. for some reason it is not getting enough voltage to the compressor,
gauge worked fine until today, shut car off at pump added gas and when i turned the car back on it stayed in the same posistion.
Car cranks but won't stay on. Without air hose disconnected
It acts like your not giving it any gas it will only go at the speed that it has when you put it in drive.
My a/c blows somewhat cool when i am driving or i raise the motor and it gets to about 2500 rpms but when i stop or car is idling it blows hot air and i have already put three cans of freon in it but still doing same thing
Had my alternator changed 3 weeks ago after changing plugged battery back up an all my lights on my dash borad
The 4 way signals work too. Just the clicking sound disappear. How can I get the clicking sound back?
Signal light will not turn off when turning right.
The car starts but steering wheel wont turn
Car ran after replacement once at idle but no throttle. Now it won't do that. The wrench icon is on.when it cranks the check engine stays on. It cranks to a point for 2-3 seconds and sounds like it might start and the starter disengages.
The car was making a clicking or maybe knocking sound when in park or neutral once I put it in gear the noise would stop after 20 or 30 mph then the other day it just stopped while I was driving it has no gears not forward or reverse
Service changes every 3000 miles by Ford. Serviced just completed. Light came on afterwards. Reset oil life, but engine symbol stays on.
The fuel gauge car seams to be fine except when sitting still it will jump up on the Rpms. I got a TPS today but I can't for the life of me figure out where it goes. It doesn't match pics in the book or online
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