2005 Ford Five Hundred Questions

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its very cold and suddenly we cant turn the key in the ignition
Check engine light came on, then went off let car sit for a couples hours and then drive normal, then deacceleration starts again.
When theproblem happens if I don't dis connect the battery I will lose the batttery in about 1hr
How do I replace the rear spark plugs without having to take off the intake manifold? The 6 cylinder is misfiring and o replaced the front 3, need to do the back, and can't find a good instruction website or good video?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse after I use the car awhile
How long have you had this problem? For a month
the fuse isnt in the best shape. it looks rusted inside. I'm thinking about buying this car off my buddy to help him out but he says it goes into limp mode. I checked it over and noticed the fuse 19 fuse look rusted inside compared to the others all shinny silver. Also the fuse is only 10 amp and I read the manual when I got home it says it should be 40amp
backed out of driveway and shifted to forward drive and didn't move
Need.To know what has to be removed to replace power steering pump on 2005 Ford five hundred
As I was driving on the Grand central Pkwy the car shut down on me and said failed engine safe mode I cut i T off waited 5min then cut it back on it came on as normal
Front left driver side makes a vibration. Also the brakes squeal but the pads are good.
When I start the car after sitting all night nothing in the dash works
When I start the car after sitting all night nothing in the dash works
The battery died on the vehicle and I attempted to have it charged and used the remote to start, the lights started flickering like crazy and did not start. Attempted to charge it again and it will not charge or start and the battery wires are getting hot? Any ideas?
At first when I push the gas it use to sound like air then it started to jerk and shutting off
I had the AWD light come on the dash. Took my car to a reputable shop to have put on the computer. The tech was unable to find a code and sent me on my way not knowing why the light was on. Now almost a week later I now have a wrench light on and my car lunges when almost to a stop. If I dont have my foot on the brake it would forcefully slam forward. Very dangerous and I see several people have the same issue. Why doesnt Ford stand behind their product. Yes it is a 2005 but I also paid 38,000.00 10 years ago brand new!! I am not happy
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