2013 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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I hear the engine idle down and no power at the foot pedal can put pedal to the floor and does not rev motor. When it happens it's like for 3-5 secs then I have acceleration back at the pedal
Diesel noise coming from engine pass side. Only when idle. Goes away when driving. 6.2 gas...2013...
gas was put into our 2013 F 350, it had 23 miles left on it with diesel fuel in it before the gas....drove 5 miles..didnt stall or sputter or to where i was going, parked and turned off truck and went back to start it and wouldnt start..towed to FORD.....they drained the gas and replaced fuel lines..test drove it and it died...(5 days to do this) now they say entire fuel system needs replace at a cost of 8800.00!!!(original estimate was 1665.00) please tell me this is robbery and not an actual cost...
My husband is driving his truck a 2013 Ford F 350 Superduty when the Information Center on the dash behind the steering wheel only displays half the screen and it is very small. Is this a fuse or where can I start looking to fix this.
When the temp gets down below 10 the trucks sounds like a dog bellowing a constant tone. It runs fine but is embarrassing. I suspect it's the fuel pump but I'm just guessing. I treat the fuel with anti-gel and I've changed the fuel filters. I have found that I have to treat the fuel a little more than called for or I get a low fuel pressure alarm on the dash. The noise only shows itself when it's very cold but the colder it is the louder it is.
It used to show on the right side of the display 1-6 from bottom to top but it quit showing up. I've looked through all of the screens but can't find it or it just doesn't do it anymore. wtf?
Shortly after taking delivery of my new truck I started to have problems with the battery being dead after it was parked for several days. I only use it on weekends and it will often be dead when I go to start it. I have no accessories plugged in. The Ford dealer can not find any problem with it and the battery checks out good when tested. Over the course of the summer I have had to jump start it several times. When I turn the truck off and exit the cab I can hear a "whining" sound that goes on for several minutes and then quits. Any ideas?
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