2012 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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I have a Ford F-350 super duty 6.7 turbo dually, lariat edition with 188,000 miles. The fifth wheel is rated for 20000 lbs. Just changed transmission fluid and filter. Early March have only pulled 2 fifth wheels one weekend weighing 18k. All figures are give.
Sometimes when making a right turn feels like the steering is tight and when completing turn the front end is unstable to road conditions.
Ford F-450 SD Diesel 6.7 liter code P123B fix troubleshooting or if is Ford warranty issue ?
I have a 2012 F-350 superduty cab/chasis and I need to remove the rear headrest....
Battery drain issues... irratic power drain over 24 to 48 hour period. Dealer can't find source of drain.
I think theTraction control sensor came loose after a blow because the traction light stays on and a see a cable hanging from the differential I think that might be it just don't know where it connects to. Can some please help me I'm a girl and know little of basic but nothing that has to do with technology
my battry light is on i have new battries and alt it charges 13.45
when i try to reset my battry rhing it sayes unsuported
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