2010 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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High fuel rail pressure only when the outside temperature is above 65° no codes or problems all winter long
When accelerating the truck often begins to shake or vibrate violently. Generally, not on cruise control though it may be happening to a lesser degree when on cruise. If you immediately let up off the accelerator, the vibration eases off but it you continue to push accelerator it gets much worse to the point that things in the truck and trailer fall, spill etc. (6.7 diesel engine)Since it is not reproducible in the shop, no codes have been identified.
After recharging the A/C it still blows warm air. What else can I do to solve this problem.
Gear box z told me to install EGR block plates when I told them of my DTC codes, P123B & P2263, said it would remedy the problem, no luck. What is the purpose of the block plates?
I had the regen system removed from my truck & had a flash drive from gearbox z to reprogram. Shortly after removing the regen i had 2 DTC codes come up. A P123B and a P2263, no one seems to know what the problem is or how to fix it. I had the regen removed cause I was constantly in regen & LIVING AT 10,000 ft. all it did was dump diesel into my crank case.
my service engine light was on because it needed an oil chanege, before I hadmy oil changed I changed my brake pads and roters on front and pads on back I also changed all four tires and wheels so the tire pressure light came on. I hooked up my plow and then a couple days later I drove the truck and the yellow engine light came the brake light came on and the speedometer stopped working. I unplugged theplow but it may no difference
There is a lot of white smoke from exhaust. I thought the powertrain control module would start the regen when the truck is in park with emergency brake on
First truck had no dash rpm,no gear selection,but I put in reverse and backed out.truck was in low gear.started to dealership then all the sudden everthing worked. took to ford next day they said trailer brake module was shot $1200.00 holy shit truck only has 56000 kms.
I have a loud howling or whistling/honking type sound coming from front dash area in my 2010 Ford F-350 Super Duty FX4, 6.4L V8 Diesel Turbo. It seems to be occur while traveling at speeds over 70 mph or in high front winds. I read a few posts of similar issues with Ford Explorers but nothing with F350’s. The suspected culprits on the Explorers were the Idle Air Control Valve (I.A.C), door weather stripping, side mirrors and windshield seal; but nothing definite. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Has anyone been able to solve this very annoying situation?
I am curiuos as to the the location of the egr valve on my engine
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