2009 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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Any ideas what this could be.

My 2009 F350 Super Duty (6.4 diesel) seems to run fine without the trailer that I've towed for two years. With the trailer behind it will barely run 35 mph with no pulling power. Check engine light is not on.
Have had the truck in the shop 3 times in the last 24 months. Blue smoke was coming out of the exhaust. dealership charged me $1800.00. Truck died while driving it. Dealer said they replaced an air fuel gasket for $3200. Truck was running rough. Would only go 20 mph up a hill. Had to have it towed. There was an error code that said low power and no fuel. Dealer replaced the fuel sender unit so he could read the error message. He couldn't read the an error message afterwards so he installed an 02 purifier. Now he says I may need turbo chargers and more items replaced. 2009&10 models had a different engine made by International. Nothing but problems. Dealer said it may cost $10,000 to fix and may go bad again. Dealer is trying to buy my $67,00 truck for $10,000 and sell me a little F-140 stripped down truck for $23,000 plus my truck as a trade in. Has had my truck for 5 weeks! I'm driving a rental car. Please help me!
It sounds like it is coming from the driver or passenger door or window area. It only happens at wind speeds greater that 70 MPH, ie 55 MPH vehicle speed with a 20 MPH head wind. It goes away when we get behind a semi. It was intermittent at 20K mile but appears to be constant at high speeds now (29K miles).
Idles very rough and can't even power up the slightest of grade barely has enough power to move itself on flat ground
If no symptoms are appearing, are these flushes recommended?
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