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Head light doesn't come on when using low beam but works fine on high beam
I have 2008 Ford F350 King Ranch with a 6.4L engine. I can drive the truck for a free days with it not stop running. There are days that the engine will stop running. I can get the engine restarted after about 5 attempts. I can go a few miles or days when the problem returns. Battery warning light comes on and I lose all power to steering and brakes. Problem started after the fuel filters were changed and the fuel line were bleed.
Transmission heater gauge shuts down. Cooling fan comes on. Wrench appears on dash. Truck runs fine. No heating issues. Transmission fluids normal. This is an intermittent problem. In 3O km. it acted this way, but went back to normal twice for a few km. each time.
Constant regeneration every 20-40 miles, crappy gas mileage, engine light goes on, told I need to spend $1000+ to have the exhaust filter cleaned? I hated when people would make fun of FORD and say "Fix Or Repair Daily", I would defend Ford but now, well they are correct. I see a lot of people here have the same problem and we have been duped by FORD. Where is Fords loyalty to their customers? I see also that customers that bought an extended warranty, Ford is not allowing this major defect to be covered. They screwed up and now instead of doing a recall, some CEO there is saying "Let our customers fix it!" and he's probably getting a seven figure bonus for this" Very disappointing. I have been driving Ford vehicles for nearly 40 years. I will never buy a Ford again AND I will not and would not recommend Ford to anyone.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? keeping it in park
How long have you had this problem? 3 months
What does trailer brake fault mean
My f350 is a 6.4 power stroke diesel
I have had my 2008 f350 with a 6.4 for about 2 months now. on 4 different times after driving 10 to 18 miles I stepped out of my truck and could smell what smelled like burning rubber. brakes were not hot. what could this be? also yesterday when pulling away from a stop sign white and blue smoke came out of my tale pipe until I took my foot off the gas peddle. Are these connected and what could it be?
I here air leak under hood but cannot seem too find it
king ranch dually only 55,000 miles on vehicle
Initially the truck started to make a weird noise, then while hauling, it started to overheat. The following day, I began to feel loss of power immediately followed by thick white smoke blowing out my exhaust/tailpipe. Oil was changed less than 45 days from date of incident, there is no water in my oil and no oil in my water. My vehicle was one that had the recall done on it, but since it has been done already, it is not eligible again.
How long should it take to replace power steering pump?
I bought A 2008 F350 at a buy here pay here with 190,000 miles on it . It's only been about 10 days I have no warranty so I have to go to my own mechanic but after a few days I started getting this fan noise like a air blower under the driver side of the hood but it's not constant
, it's only if I'm stuck at a red light for too long and start to go again or sitting in park and then I'll go again but it stopped after a few seconds but even if I put the pedal to the floor the truck doesn't go like it should I tell that fan sound goes away. Well this morning I went to the gas station came back out and let my truck on in my temperature was almost in the red and I just had all my fluids checked about five days ago and everything was good. Any thoughts and I'm praying it's something cheap because I don't have a lot of money and my mechanic doesn't have an opening until the 17th
i bought a 2008 ford f350 turbo diesel 4 months ago from faulkner in west chester pa and my up pipe from the turbo is broken and carbon monoxide is coming through my air vents should this be covered through my warranty?
I checked the head gasket. no water being lost
and oil blowing out of exhaust.
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