2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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We are needing to take the tail/end gate off. It has a back up camera. Is there anything special that needs to be done in order to disconnect the camera before taking the gate off?
My truck is leaning over 1-1/4 inches down on the front driver side. Some information on this and a fix has been posted. They recommend a shim under the front spring to correct this problem. Ford had a shim that they have dealer install or you can buy it and install. Ford shim number is 3C4Z-5A300-AA
Truck has 97k miles and has had some major work done..injectors, After picking up and driving +/- 30 miles, the ck engine light comes on,and the gas pedal is unresponsive. Then w no rhyme or reason, will come back on. From that point it runs rough and can happen again. It also has the opposite issue and the engine will race wo any pressing of the gas pedal. Almost like it is possessed. Truck will usually start up again after the episodes. I replaced the throttle sensor, main computer, and glow plug sensor. I have only driven from mechanic to mechanic. Any help is appreciated.
plenergy, I just wanted to let you know that I am in Texas. (Houston area)

Would like to know more info as you find out. I am going online now to look up the TSB that is posted on the "verified" complaint.
Lisa Mac
2007 F350 Super Duty
In a 30 minutes drive turning left only and it won't do it when it idles for up to two hrs.?
the truck sat for 2 days and when i got in to drive it the light came on as usual at start-up and went off but then it came on and began flashing at random when driving and i didnt do anything to it what do i do and how do i go about fixing it and is it safe to remove the fuse for the time being until i get the money to take it to a shop for service and will it hurt the seatbelts or compromise the truck from starting and driving in any other condition from normal. Please respond asap i am at a wits end with this problem. No wreck, damage, hit, modification,removal,or anything to the electrical of the srs or fuse box but i need help asap.
our check engine light comes on frequently and it always turns out to be the turbo what can we do
i have changed both filters but i keep getting message whats up
Repair shop replaced egr valve 1 week ago. 4 days later it started having large amounts of white smoke from tailpipe. Didn't smell any coolant at engine area, cab of truck or no sweet smelling exhaust. Drove truck with white smoke issue back home (1 mile) and parked it. The next day drove it 11 miles to the shop and it didn't smoke at all. It ran great both times! Now the shop says replace egr cooler and oil cooler because if we don't replace the oil cooler now...we will be replacing it in 20-30k miles and then every 20-30k after that!!!??? $2350.00 plus tax! ?????
my f 450 diesel will start but if i go into a store and come out it will not start back up unless i use starting fluid why is this.
it happen when it was snowing out and just happened again with only at 25mile and the new caliper
it took 2 mechanics 36 hours 22 for 1 14 for the other
and cost $3175.00 I feel that is excessive
When I turn on the car its there it goes out when im driving, but then suddenly re-appear. The display was out when suddenly my fuel light turned on and everything came back on.
My 2007 F350 4x4 has 45,000 miles and the steering is so loose it is hard to drive, all the steering components are good. I think it is in the steering box, how do I correctly adjust it.
first thing the battery light come on and off very often than , the cluster gages stop working also the radio every thing is on and off very often, but the engine still work fine every thing is fine except the cluster panel.
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