2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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The check engine light came on when I accelerated rapidly to pass someone. Then a few hours later I accelerated rapidly again and the light began to flash for a few seconds. I drove the truck one more time and the light is still on, but it has not flashed again. Did the flashing indicate a misfire? What should I do?
5lb boost 0.0 on front I don't know how this could be
before changing the glow plugs the truck was very hard to start but would stay running. I notice an oil residue on the old glow plugs, is that normal. Truck will not stay running after 3 seconds.
This normally happens in cold weather. Any recommendations or solutions?
only at high rpms
i have traced it to #2 fuse and then to the blue plug on insterment cluster but every thing works fine gauges ect. ? bad cluster??
The light is off when you first start the vehicle and comes on when you drive. The dealership has reprogrammed it but I still have it come on. Does anyone know what I need to do?
So The pump is connecting positively, but the negative is not connected to the ground its going into the relay or computer!!
Hard shift when selecting trasmission modes. Takes forever to get to 20 MPH from stop. RPM at idle is high, 1,000 rpms.
Just bought this truck used. Only 71k miles. When pulling Trailer, particularly when I have to excellerate up hills, yellow wrench light comes on and I have a significant loss of power. If I pull over, restart, it seems to reset and I'm good until the next time. Please help. Sucks to have this problem my first month of owning it and its been very dangerous - especially with horses long distances.

Don't even know where to find Diagnostics in the area and I know a dealership is going to see me pull in and soak me. I spent all my bucks just to buy this thing.
Service engine light is on, and diagnostic mentioned ignition coil. On this sight I saw replacing plugs and coil boots. What are the coil boots?
I have no tail lights, fender lights or tag lights. all cab lights, turn lights back up lights and head lights work. I can not find what fuse to check in the owners manual they don't list a fuse for tail lights. I have checked the plug from the frame to the bed.
my truck is throwing alot of black and white smoke from exoust and when step on gas peddle rumbles and has no power what can it be this happend to me once but went awy and now problem is back
What is the labor hours to replace 8 injectors on a Turbo Diesel
Lost power uphill then shut down
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