2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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check engine light was on so i disconnected battery now wont start with the key
for a couple of hours. after that it started. was to towed to shop and shop said it started right off and checked for codes and there werent any.
Also when sitting at stoplight will just radomly start blowing white smoke why?
We have no codes in historical data, we replaced one tank thinking it was possibly damaged during flat bed install. the next day driver told us the tank was crushed again. We looked at the 2nd truck and noticed the fuel tank was also imploded. We tested Fuel caps tested OK.
If I shut it off will not start until it cools down
a/c only blows out defrost vents--need estimate on repair cost
only on when truck is idling or I stop accelerating
The original issue, H20 was dumped into fuel tanks, I drained, filled and cleaned out both fuel tanks. Also replaced both fuel filters. Truck became extremely hard to start and had a bad miss/chug while idle and driving, seemed to run better the warmer the engine got. I replaced the IPC sensor and the FICM module, had the FICM reprogrammed. After that it would start up with the first cycle of the glow plugs and ran a lot better but still had a slight miss while driving. That's when I pulled up to a stop sign and it died cranks no start. could it be the fuel injection pump? These are the DTC's that were set before I replaced the ICP and the FICM, PO269, PO611. These are the current DTC's now, PO098, PO113, PO403, PO405, and a P2290. Any info on what you think this could be would be greatly appreciated.
Just changed EGR valve hoping this would help. Tailpipe smokes a little bit bluish from time to time when traveling slower or when engine is not up to full operating temperature. Please help. Thanks.
Also hard to start im guessing fuel pump is going out
i changed the float assembly that didn't seem to help unless i have the wrong one. tank could have 5 gals in it and read 1/2 full its 38 gal tank any help would be nice thank you larry
battery went dead and reset the computer to safe mode. I am experiencing low/rough idle, engine light on. How do I remedy this?
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