2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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For the second time now my engine has just quit for no reason. It's like I turned the key off. There is no dash warning lights, no engine surging, no check engine light, nothing. I loose power steering control, brakes and coast to the shoulder. I put the vehicle in park, turn the the key to the off position and then forward again to start the engine and it starts right back up.
The first time I was going up a steep grade doing 55 mph, the second time turning onto a street at about 15 mph.
Very frustrating. Numerous batteries replaced. New alternator installed & still occurring. It seems possessed!
The truck is cooling just fine until I come to a stop then stops Cooling starts cooling again when I take off and start driving
Codes 7e6. 7ed 7e8
Climate control wont turn on
You have to turn on the key and then the interior lights work with the dimmer switch and everything but when the switch is off no lights will work on the inside of the truck
Checked fuses & relays ok
High beam ind works. Oil fuel tack speedo
Temp gauges don't work.
It has a leak around the bellhousing. and the engine has 219000 miles. i lose half a quart after a week of driving
my truck overheated and i found oil in the
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