2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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I was told that I was needing to replace the EGR in my truck and I can't locate where the EGR is at can someone help
Sounds like fan motor or transmission cooled going on and off constantly
Truck gose forward even when in reverse
Was driving on the highway and my truck started losing power the just cut off so i pulled over amd it wouldnt crank had to get it towed back home. All it does now is cranks the cuts off and wint crank back up. Till i wait about 20 min. Please help
Fuel pump fuse just started blowing.... instantly. Airbag sensor in the ignition is missing the plastic between conductor and ignition barrel.... unplugged the harness for the heater gem and the "brain".... still does it
2005 F350 6.0 turbo 4x4 dually - When pulling my tow hauler uphill (Donner pass or Tehachapi), I go about 35 to 45 miles an hour because the truck develops power and heat issues. If I drop in behind a big rig and follow them I have no issues. However, If I go any faster, the truck seems to loose power. The RPMs will kick up but the truck seems to NOT have power. The cooling fan will kick on and the temperature gauge rises up to the over heat (red) mark. The temperature will almost immediately drop back to normal when I let off the throttle. It also feels like the transmission is lost and in between gears. The turbo will also whine and whistle. Last year I was told that I needed the Turbo, oil cooler, EGR cooler, fuel pump and fan sensor replaced to take care of this problem. This was all done and the problem still occurs. There was 70k miles on the truck when this happened. The symptoms again are: sensation of transmission slipping, temperature gauge soring to redline, whining and whistling of turbo, cooling fan coming on and then temperature gauge redlines, no power and no real acceleration from a dead start. All this happens and no Check engine light or error codes come up. I have met other owners of this year and size truck and toy hauler same weight as mine that do not have this problem. (So they say). It is also important too know that this problem has occurred twice with no trailer attached and on flat ground. Thanks for any help you can give me.
why does my air conditioning only blow out of the defroster
I have power steering when I'm accelerating, but asoons as i let off the accelerator, i have no power steering and the brake pedal goes to the floor. It stops but barely.
How can I open left rear door. Tried everything, nothing works. Any suggestions?
So I have an 05 Ford F 350 once I got my truck started runs like a champ but getting it started is the problem I have changed the fuel sensor, fuel filter, & fuel mod..
The only reason I'm throwing money into it because I cannot find to where to do a fuel pressure test at no places are on the fuel rods I have looked on both driver and passenger side fuel rods and there is no sign of a connection spot
no power and stalls out when driving
It started one day when I was on the interstate doing about 75 and it started right back up and didn't do it again until a few days later once again I was on the interstate again I was doing about 75 so I thought it was a problem when I go over 70 but know it have gotten worse it seems like if I drive it and don't push on the gas so the rpm don't go over 2 grand it won't kill I had the codes read at auto parts store and it said I had a bad crank and cam sensor so I changed my fuel filter and both sensors still have the problem any suggestions
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