2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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egr failure,deleted at approx 80000 miles.had engine chipped to add approx.75 h.p. at around 96000 started seeing coolant loss but not liquid but white residue at coolant resevoir. seems to occur more under moderate to heavy towing any ideas ?
Oil pump changed cost 2186.00, chngd alternator 428.00, said need to chng fuel injectors 3000. No lights or sounds made it just stopped running and would not start again. Scared I purchased the wrong work truck. Also wrong mechanic should I keep going or trade it for Cummins/chev 6.7 or will this be the end of expensive maintenance. HELP
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing running great no noise
How long have you had this problem? How can I tell if what he replaced was right and not just a oil light
It's started blowing clouds of white smoke out of exqust & using lots of antifreeze/water & getting hot every 5miles haven to fill reservoir back up also gage is showing HOT & check gage is coming on wen it runs out or gets low of water/antifreeze??? Is it the head gasket blown or what exactly is it??? THANK U,VERY MUCH..
once I fill tank go for ride no white smoke but tank goes dry
the smoke appear to be gray to black in color
My truck steering column will slip out of park and roll down driveway.
The hose came off the turbo we drove it towning a trailer for 20 miles, had very little power. what damage did we create
When the hose came off there was a large pop and smoke came from exhaust reconnected hose seems to drive ok but there is a sort of grinding noise Please Help
I ran very low on fuel and stopped at station. I filled up and when I went to start it I turned ignition completely to start without allowing it to prime (why? I have no idea! Just had a brain fart I guess) but it would not start. Ever since it will not start hot. Cold it is just fine. But when warmed up ,it won't start. Turns over just fine. Just won't fire up. I have to let it cool down for 2 hrs. And I mean 2 hrs.almost to the minute and not a minute less!!! Can someone please tell me what the the is going on here?
Starts just fine when cooled down after couple of hours. And there's a clicking noise coming from the right side of engine compartment.
I'm having a new 6.0 engine put in my 2004 F-350. I had water in my oil and my mechanic is urging me to replace the HPOP, all fuel injectors, and all sensors. Is this all absolutely necessary. I don't see how these parts could have been damaged, but I'm no mechanic! I know it would be better to do so, but I'm already going to be out almost $13,000.00 and really can't afford an additional $2,500 to $3,000! I need guidance and would greatly appreciate any feedback.
I've had this truck for 2 year have taken it to several place to repair the fuse blows when i take a turn left or right. sometimes i don't turn and it still blows the fuse.
I was changing the oil filter on my 2004 ford f350 and broke the oil filter return tube inside
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