2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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When I start the truck a puff of blue smoke comes out of the exhaust
What does it cost to replace piston seals
Truck starts and runs fine. Shifting from Park into gear I have to press brake pedal down extremely hard , then it will go into gear. Brake lights come on with minimal brake pedal. I have been given 2 recommendations. Brake light stop switch ( if brake lights don't come on easily ) or shift lock actuator.
When I turn the key on every time the odometer doesn't light up along w/no gas gauge and tachometer. ALSO THE POWER WINDOWS DON'T WORK. Then after about 20 SECONDS OR SO EVERYTHING WORKS. This happens every time I turn the switch on weather I start the truck or not. Warm or cold.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? doesn't matter
How long have you had this problem? just started yesterday 9/3/2017
White smoke started coming out tail pipe. Changed #1 injector and now just turning over unless I put starting fluid it will catch up then kill while throwing Diesel out tail pipe when running
This truck has a 7.3 deisel motor
acelerator pedal is all the way to the floor, rpm won,t pass 2500 rpm; and speeds goes down
Am trying to replace front rotors.
I cannot get rotor off axle. Not sure exactly what is holding it on.
I can't tell if I am supposed to remove something in the center of the rotor.
wait a few more minutes let it idle and then it'll go againwhat is wrong with it is it a fuel line and fuel line change filters what
I already change the oil 2 times and we noticed that the oil is to thin and 25 lts of oil come out of the truck when we change it so we change it again and is the same thing
When im dryving after 1000 miles driving it it turns off and I turn it on again rigth after and it starts right away but is doing it really often my mechanic told me that is the heads is that thuth?
This only happens when the truck is parked on slant, bed down hill for about 4 hours. It will start right back up and repeats this until I start it and immediately hit the gas pedal. 6.0 diesel.
Truck has 66000 miles . When driving down the road truck seems to taking longer to shift .when letting off the pedal to let it shift it sometimes will make a backfiring sound . But i have noticed that when accelerating the turbo seems to not be working . This doesnt always happen everytime there are times it runs fine but here lately its more frequent does anyone have any suggestions where to start dont have alot of money to take it to the dealer . Forgot to mention the truck does sit alot
any switches maybe fuses?
Max pickup from 60-70 k on flat and uphill max 50 down to 20, no sputtering. One time downhill engine failure at 40-50 k engine light came on. No stalls since. EGR was removed and cleaned and reinstalled. Some blue smoke on startup and 5-6 revs of engine before she starts. Have changed air cleaner and oil recently.
All fuses are good! I replaced the flasher relay! I replaced the turn signal switch! When the brake is applied the turn signal light on dash comes on but only the front turn signal lights come on ! All light bulbs are good. The fuse for trailer turn signal blows not when I put it in but usually blowed the next time I check it! Any help would b greatly appreciated!!!
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