2002 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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Change head gaskets, change oil Change turbo and all the parts that goes with it Changes just about all senors and it will crank when it's cold but as soon as it warm up it stops and want start back
While driving my 2002 Ford F-350 with the 7.3L powerstroke, I suddenly lost my instrument cluster and accelerator pedal. After checking the fuses and repairing the overdrive cancel switch it now will not start and acts like the battery is dead. I have a full charge in both batteries and a full 12 volts to the starter. I've checked all the fuses for continuity and have power across the poles. I even have power to the gauges. I have been visually searching for a short but have found nothing
drove it home on Friday. It sat over the weekend , nothing happened on Monday
i would like to increase the hp for towing purposes since i am a plummer. this would decrease my cost per job if i can tow my own equipment.
Truck will idea after warm touch gas pedal and boggs down let up ideas a1100 rpm. Changed fuel pump,dropped tank cleaned tank blowout both line, bought all kinds of sensors please help
My truck just died and left me on the side of the road. The truck would start and run for a little while and then die again and I would have to let it set for a while before it would start again. I changed the map sensor and it run perfect for a day, now it will not start at all cranks and cranks but no start and now my abs light stays on.
passenger front wheel chatters when stopping but not all the time but even on dry roads
service engine soon light need to plug in code scanner don't see plug
recently replaced hi-presr fuel sensor..and cam sensr...still wont run..not getting juice to pcm...?
est. MPG CITY driving ? if towing ??
est. MPG HIGHWAY driving ?? if towing ??
3 ohms at red wire. O at green. What I do wrong
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