2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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the light or illumination doesn't work. I see the keepers inside the overhead trough to remove, but cannot extract the cover easliy how do I get access.
shifted fine yesterday, tried once today to go into Overdrive, but would not codes
even after its pluged in
that goes into the transm. or is it all one in the same need helpful info please. the drive line just started making this grinding noise. help
Help - have been fighting this problem for 2 years. 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel - stalls, dies and loses power. When I lose power I lose the steering and breaks. Seems to involve the transmission too as I can hear it trying to engage. Sometimes restarts immediately sometimes have to wait. Intermittent issue. One day will be fine... the next day occurs several times. Engine light does not come on and no code can be detected. Have taken it to 3 Ford Dealers and 3 independent garages. Each time they say they can’t get the truck to fail and it’s not throwing any codes so they have either taken their best guess on what to fix or say they can’t duplicate the issue so no idea what is needed. Have had injectors 1 & 8 replaced – didn’t help. Also, recently had the Cam Position Sensor replaced but that didn’t work either. I am running out of ideas and shops close by to take it to. I can’t understand why neither the dealers nor the independent operators can find the issue. Have spent way too much money already but not really in the position to buy a different truck right now and must have one for my work.
136000 miles on the truck and on the 3rd transmission bought the truck new from the factory. right now it wont shift down til its too late then it will get to 3000 rpms and wont shift til you let up from the pedal then you better hang on cuz the whole truck jumps. what would be causing this? thanks in advance!
I just need to know what are the major pieces to remove and reinstall a rebuilt manual transmission I know the drive shaft the shifter the slave cylinder starter have to be removed and the crossmember but I was wondering if I can swap it out without having to remove the exhaust
I drove to work. Worked strted it back up let it warm up for ten min or so went to go and it wouldnt move. Only gear that worked was park. Took it home and unplugged the gear range sensor and it was wet blew it out and plugged it in then it worked and then stopped again. So i repeated the process. And i took a blow dryer to the conesctions and then after it was all dried out it wouldnt work again. So i bought a new sensor and put dry wier on the conection and electrical greased it. It still wouldnt work but then i herd a noise kinda from the bell housing of the trany. Pulled it apart and woundering if anyone knows what could be the problem? Please help me..
When the light comes on the truck looses power. Then the light goes off and the truck runs good then light comes back on and the engine runs rough again. We checked the oil we replaced the cam sensor and replaced the fuel filter and also did the remove water process we even disconnected the batteries for a while. None of these processes above have changed the results when the truck has run for a while the light comes back on and the engine runs rough. to add on our friends code detector it did not detect any codes, What Next?
How to change flasher relay on 2000 ford f350 superduty
auto transmission, linkage appears to be working
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