1999 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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Passenger window goes down not up from either driver or passenger power control. Overhead directional lighting also not working. Any thoughts?
Fuel filter has been changed
I just had the PCM replaced and now the Door Ajar light is on all the time in the dash. The interior overhead light, the back window overhead light and the bed light also come on and when I drive away they go out until I have to stop for any reason.
F350 Super Duty 7.3 Diesel that sat for a while and now will not start. Used a little extra starter fluid, it cranked but then died out. I have already checked the fuel pump.
I have no dashlights at all, what has happened, and how do i fix it?
Radio don't work
C1145 says right ftint speed sensor in malfunction
C1230 says wheel speed sensor malfunction
C1234 wheel speed right front input signal missing
C1229 rear speed sensor center coherency malfunction
These codes and phrases come up on diagnostic
Can you tell me what it means
Engine cutting out bad
No power when trying to accelerate
One machanic says its pcm
Followingdiagnostic codes came up
C1145 abs $28
C1230 abs $28
C1234 abs $28
C1229 abs $28
1999 ford f 350 diesal 7.3
What is proper fuel pressure ??
Had three codes come up machanic said possible
Bad pcm. How can I be sure?
It is 1999 gas v10 ford 6.8 liter, 24,000 miles.
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