1997 Ford F-350 Questions

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Problems with the power steering and brakes. Too stiff to turn wheel and worse when the brakes are applied. I have noticed that the brake pedal goes down when the wheel is turned. Any suggestions?
no & no power
above the speedometer head. Cruise control drops out, and resets when I hit the top of the Dash. the engine increases 250 RPM with no increase in speed, Acting like a Lock-out Torque converter. Smacking the dash solves the problem .This is a 2 WDR truck. What is your suggestion.????
fluid level is fine and not burnt
Been almost two years since we bought a uhaul truck and never could get all monitors ready. Tried drive cycles but hard to do here in L. A. With no place to run the cycles correctly. Doesn't seem fair to junk a great running truck because can't get a smog check unless all monitors are ready. Even the State Board smog mechanic couldn't help. Having to run the cycle on 3/4 full tank gets VERY expensive too.
my speedometer and odometer stopped working and my overdrive light flashes and my transmission shifts hard this all happened at once. i replaced the rear diff sensor and that fixed nothing and i cant find out where the transmission speed sensor location is. where its supposed to be is on the tail which is sealed off and there's no wiring to it so im completely lost as to what it is. any suggestions will help!
1997 Ford F-350 LTD Crew Cab Power Stroke 7.3

When I am not hauling it does shift correctly.

I am pulling a fithwheel 11,600 pounds. Is shift correctly first and second gear. If I go very / very easy on the gas pedal it will shift all gears correctly but if I drive normally than on 3 gear it slam very hard and sometimes downshift.

I had the oil changed every 30,000 miles on this truck. It has now 125,000 miles.

Any suggestion on what might the problems and what should I verify ?

Thank you !

One is a bolt and the other is a long stud
do i need a loaded booster
Takes 10min to get it started need help
I have a 1997 Pace Arrow motor home on a Ford platform. All signal lights work fine but only 3 of the 4 hazard lights work. the right front signal light is the issue. any suggestions??
wipers do not work
using too much oil, not leaks, no smoke, plenty of power
it only sounds when I drive in potholes I have already change both top and bottom ball joints also all tie rod ends and still
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