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codes in that order 12 and 21 are not on the list had code 128 212 332 it had engine replaced and its a 95 engine ck fire order ok it looks hacked job I bought it this way don't even know if they change the components over to this motor we do I start distributor
how must will it cost
My cat convertor lasted 10K and turned blue also. I have replaced EVERYTHING several times over (8 manifolds, two cat convertors, o2 sensors, egr valve, etc.) Even replaced the motor with a low mileage used one,11,000 miles ago. Been to several dealers that keep wanting to replace the same parts over and over. This has been going on since I bought the truck at 135,000 miles. Any clues?
I just replaced plugs, wires, cap and roter. I readjusted the wire routing. Still rough running and misfiring
running on 7 cyl,s I changed that fuel inj.and is still smoking and running rough.when i unplug that stops smoking.what could be the problem?
Rust in fuel system.
Will not start.
Changed both fuel filters.
I haven't driven the truck often. When I parked it, it was fine but water in tank light was on. The filters were changed. The tanks were cleaned out and fuel pumps changed. Batteries (2) are new. Could it be the fuel line or what could be wrong?
fuse 9 is pcm, pcm power relay, inj pressure reg, inj driver module. with fuse out i can wiggle wires to pcm block and have current.
my truck is running hot at lower rpm. when i accelerate it gets colder and will run on thermostat temp until it shifts to lower rpm. i hear a clincking pulsing noise in top radiator hose almost as if it is a pressure build up of some sort. brand new radiator ruptured but was under warranty so i put new one in. new water pump also.
as i accelerate my temp comes down. running hotter then should but never overheats or boils over. replaced waterpump, radiator, tstat. Can this be a partially plugged cat. check engine light comes on then goes off after about 8 seconds. engine seems to never lack power. still runs but i dont want to damage engine. this is my work truck and need it asap
The ticking gets faster when I accelerate. But It doesnt do it if it's not in gear.
I also checked all the fuses in the dash, and under the hood.
When I start the truck it doesn't want to start. It doesn't want to change gears either. It's like it doesnt' have any power.
I need to get a quote on replacing the distributor gear which is notorious for failing in these 5.8 ford engines and quote on timing chain replacement? Ialso do not see a quote on engine rebuilding .
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