1995 Ford F-350 Questions

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I've looked under the truck on the frame but I can't find it. Is it in the fuel pump in each tank? If so how can I tell witch pump is bad
Im need to know how long ut takes to replace the map sensor, alternator, valve cover gaskets, glow plugs, camshaft position sensor, injection pressure regulator, injector control pressure sensor, oil sensor, coolant temp. Sensor, and the camshaft sensor all on a 1995 ford f-350 7.3
friend said engine was replaced, need to see what year the eng. is. States runs well until warmed up. check eng lite is on.
when you turn the ign.key on the fuel pump comes on and runs up to 4 min. before it shuts off and you can crank and start engine- seem the colder the weather the faster the pump will shut off- then after it has been driven a while the engine stumbles the engine light comes on and off and the engine will die-you can here the fuel pump relay clicking on and off-this does this on either tank on the truck-had a local ford dealer look at it and they repaced my battery-?- and fuel modulator- still doing the same thing-got any advice
I tried fuel additive to remove water from gas but truck still runs rough on front fuel tank. How many fuel filters does my truck have?
When it first started we smelled chocolate. Could it be the ignition? My key broke off around the same time?
My volt gauge is down around 9 or 10 when idling. I installed a new alt and new batteries and it would stay around 14/15 volts, but now only 8/9 when at idle. The terminals for the battery cables are clean but very have been corroded due to old battery leaking.
If there is a recall and I take ny truck to a Ford dealer is it going to cost me anything?
I just drove 300 miles with my truck 150 of which were towing a trailer. The truck did great no problems, now that I have gotten home the transmission is jerking and hitting hard when it shifts and it won't go into third gear at all. I just had a transmission tune up and had it scanned. no codes came up. Is there a shift control module on these that could possibly go bad? Anyone have any ideas what would causee this?
Drove the truck for almost a year with only one battery and no probs.Took a road trip and turned it off after 400miles and it would not start.Cranks, but won't turn over.Bought one new batteriy and it cranked fine but if it sits for a day or 2 the battery is dead.Bought a new 2nd battery today.Cranked right up, drove for 20mins,tried to crank again same thing. Cranks, won't turn can crank it by spraying air cleaner in the air filter.Bought a new air filter today, but it's still doing the same thing.Electrical???
plug harness works and dually side lights work
there is a leak coming from my gear box I need to know if I can replace the seal and how?
While on my way to work i noticed the smell of diesel and the use of more fuel to get there after arriving I noticed the coolant overflow tank was full and leaking diesel what can cause this and how much to repair????
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