1992 Ford F-350 Questions

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Need to know where to start to find out why my gas gage does not work and the engine is a straight 6 even when there is gas in the truck it still does not read and it don't come on at all
runs fine until it hits 120 degrees then it losses power so much so that it can barely pull itself, until 180 when the engine warn light comes on then it regains power.
the truck will run if i induce fuel through the plentom. I have changed many parts all of witch were corroded or looked bad. i do to have low voltage at the inertia switch, i do have 12v at the relay, i changed the pcm,throtle position senser, eec guts in the distributor,air flow sensor, netraul saftey,map,and all relays. the truck ran then didnt when this all started, any help would bee nice
i wont to no if i can put in a c6 instead
with new fuse, what can i check to take care of this problem?
Do you push the rod in or do you have to release pressure
Sometimes the trans will switch and sometimes it won't
The truck will drive and pull fine for weeks at a time then I have the following issues.

1. I'll drive down the road and the truck will slip out of gear and rev up. I can let off the gas so the rpms drop and it will go back in gear.

2. I'll drive down the road and the transmission doesn't completely disengage but the rpms will creep up and down, up and down. For example 70 MPH rpms will be 2300 most of the time. When this happens they will jump to 3000, stay there for a minute, then drop back down. This will repeat for a while. The next time I'm on the highway it will run fine.

I have had my truck to 2 different transmission shops and they tell me the transmission is fine. Apparently it's the first year the tranmissions had computers to the codes it provides are ok or they didn't have the equipment to read them.

Any thoughts?
What is fuel pump pressure
The transmission has trouble shifting or does not shift at all
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