2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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It doesn't happen every time, but frequently enough. While turning the key to the first start position (waiting for glow plug light to extinguish) the windshield wipers will cycle themselves even though the position switch is off. I've checked the "courtesy wipe" feature in the vehicle menu and that was also checked off. I'm guessing a short in the relay?
My 2015 F-250 diesel has 47,000 miles on it and I have never had any problems. Recently the “service advancetrac” light came on. The next time I started the truck every single warning light on the dash lit up and the truck would not start. I had it towed to the dealership. They told me that it started right up for them the next day. They also said that everything on the truck was in perfect working order. Less than two months later my truck just did the same thing. Service Advanctrac light came on, then the very next time I went to start the truck it was completely dead. I would welcome any suggestions considering the last time it happened the dealership said it was fine. Thank you!

No problem going to put different horns on
Is there an air conditioning filter somewhere?
Rear end has had a small vibration since it was new. It keeps eating the bearings up & third member. I have 67,000 miles on this 2015 F 350 & it's at Ed Wallace Ford in Hugo Oklahoma as we speak. This is the sixth time it has been there since May of 2016.
was fine and then no reverse and wouldn't go into over drive and it is in limp mode and they don't know what to do and ive cleared the truck and programmer and put it back it wanted to work but went back into limp mode has anyone had there truck do the same?
Doesn't sense a trailer (won't work trailer brakes-was intermittently sensed like a loose connection. Now nothing.) Is sensing
in the brake connection? Where might be the problem? (Got a ground reading through electromagnet on brakes.)
I have a 2015 Ford F250 superduty 6.7L diesel with only 11000 miles. The problem is the RPMs will drop off between 1st & 2nd gear or 2nd & 3rd gear intermittently. Sometimes it feels like the RPMs are going to drop off but don't.
I want to up grade the mirrors on my 2015 F-150 XL SPORT with power glass would like to up grade as far as possible can you help with information my dealer's parts people seem not to understand that a man wants his truck to be right for the job not a 250 truck is F-150
Took it to look out Ford in Morehead city North Carolina. They subbed out to a body shop who repaired the roof and repainted. However, they left overspray on the windshield and both driver doors. There is also overspray on the hood and runningboards. This is the third time it's been back to the body shop through the dealer and it is still not fixed. In addition the back driver's Side passenger door was repainted as well. This was first denied until the service manager used a paint meter to prove it was repainted. After having it professionally detailed I find all the overspray issues. I don't want to take it back to this dealer so they use the same body shop again. There are other issues with the paint on the roof. Who do I talk to to get this fixed. Forward says it is not their responsibility. This was a brand-new truck would Lestan 500 miles when the paint cracked. It is still under warranty. Somebody help. This is my first brand-new vehicle. I have numerous pictures of before and after that both the dealer and the body shop have seen yet they still deny.
How do I fixes them and weres the fuses for that
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