2013 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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-Clean Evaporator coil - All Servos work properly - Blower motor sounds fast - All Fan speeds work - No blockages in ducts - Mode button moves all servos correctly.

I did notice something odd, when I select front vents and normal a/c those two buttons light up. If I choose forward vents, max air, recirculate, the a/c button stays on and the vent light goes out. But the mode button works as it should it just don't stay lit with max air on.
where do I find the exact location of the blown fuse
When the blower fan is put in the low to middle position, it sounds like a bearing is bad in the motor or on the shaft. I do not here the souud when the fan is turned up to the highest position. This did not occur when new, however, over the past few months the noise seems to have increased.
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