2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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I have a F250 super cab w/8ft. bed . I replaced the factory rancho shocks w/ billstein shocks for a 0 to 2in lift in april 2017 & june 2017 replaced rear leaf springs with aftermarket oem 3500lb. springs. Due to the factory 2700lb. leafs sagging from the previous owners abuse. I have got this jitter when i go over man holes,bumps in the road and your average worn roads in the city of Pensacola. I ran on the factory style and size tire that Ford puts on that model as well as 285/70 all terrain and am currently rolling on factory 20in. chrome wh. w/ the factory Michelin's that come on 2017 F250. And i can not seem to make that poor truck ride very comfortable. this is the best it has felt since i got the truck but it still has that jitter that feels like it starts in the back and carries on through after you hit the bump in the road . I expect it to be stiff of course but it hits hard front to back and jitters on down after . I am now thinking about putting new shocks on the truck again . I would really appreciate it you have any words of wisdom and or any ideas or solutions to help. Thank you so much !! Please help, i think i am running out of options !!!!
My truck doesn't start , but if you turn key on and off several times it finally starts . has a starting system fault on . I replaced the battery in my key faub and when I unlock it I have 15 seconds to start or security sounds go off . does the key need reprogrammed ??
i already checked the fuse a few times and is fine, i replaced the factory horn, but i cannot locate the horn relay and in the manual the truck cam with it is not labeled in any of the fuse boxes. I failed inspection due to this and any help would be greatly appreciated!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? none
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
how much to repair front cab mount bushing
Starting the engine is a problem randomly.
Very loose
Key start shorts out system. And security horn goes off randomly at all hours.
Fuel mileage drops from 18-19 mpg to12mpg regardless of the trailer size and weight
about3days code p20ba cmdtcs
AC seams to be working fine but its justnot blowing hard enough.
Anyone know how to clean evaporator without removing dashboard
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