2010 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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It only has 73k on it. I've changed plugs, fuel filter, air cleaner and cleaned MAF sensor. Codes it throws say retarded timing on bank one and two. Truck is meticulously maintained with mobile one 5w20. It started by fuel mileage decrease and lose of power. Changed above mentioned things. Ran great! Like new fuel mileage came back. 2 weeks later engine light is on and all the lunging and bucking. Even does it at constant driving speed.
I replaced fuses,bulbs and checked everything I could think of. I do have a boss plow harness on truck but I bypassed light sockets still nothing
Ford Dealer advised that cab mounts on my truck need replacement. My truck has 80,000 miles. Street driven. How can this be. Is there a recall for cab mounts ... Amount thrown at me in high $2500.
its a Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat Diesel 4WD
Showing wrench, check engine light, and low oil pressure signs on dash menu cranks over but will not start
Batteries are new
Have been getting "wrench" symbol on dash, but it goes away. This time, also got check engine light.
I usually drive the truck 20+ miles each time and recently noticed the front wheels radiating heat when I got out of the truck. They were not too hot to touch but very warm. I am not sure if this is just heat being dissipated from the engine compartment or it something else could be causing the front wheels to get this warm. I understand the primary braking for the truck is from the front wheels so is this cause for concern or just normal heating of the wheels due to the brakes?
ford replace the pedals because of grease leakage. Now the pedals make noise more when it is cold outside. the mechanic says pedals should not have been replace but now I have the noise that the mechanic can not hear. sometimes it drowns out the radio. my kids and wife can here it. does anyone know a solution? I have been told it may be low of grease but I feel like the ford mechanics don't know how to repair it so they act like they don't hear the noise. it makes the noise when I push the brake pedal.
So the truck has been to the dealership twice by the first owner and me, the second owner for the same problem. White smelly smoke generally happens after I stop and then go or simply slow down and then accellerate. It also happens while just driving along at a steady speed. The dealership said there was no codes on the OBC and to just drive it until it doesn't stop, then they'll know what to fix.
The coolant fluid level is fine, no coolant in the oil either. The first owner had one of the EGR valves replaced, could it be the othe one gone bad now?
driving down the road and truck just died no previous problems
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