2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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I just need the necessary tools to replace the struts and the rear shocks on a 4×4 f250 heavy duty 4 door 2009 truck runs on gas
Sounds like the turbo is under towing like pressure but i am just driving under normal conditions not a constant thing but happening regular
Have had radiator replaced and two weeks later got to do it again , antifreeze keeps showing up in transmission fluid , took to ford dealer had transmission flushed and replaced radiator and transmission filter drove two weeks and it's doing the same thing again .
my 96 model was still working fine when i traded in 2014 for my 09. and it just quits this spring no warning it will only blow heat.
engine power I let it sit of the weekend and it told me the same thing after about 30 minutes of running it went back to normal, but today I do it again can you help me out
I would like to know the troubleshooting steps and most cost efficient way of repairing the problem
bought an 09 F 250 diesel and confess to know nothing about engines. The truck was driven on to a flatbed and driven straight to my house ( 48 hours straight) and then when the key went in all flashed ( lights on etc) but nothing else. shipper noted loose positive battery connection on passenger side but two days later at dealer and they took some time before telling me it needed an RCM, PCM and ABS and everyday it has been more sensors etc Now up to a 6,000 repair and because I don't know anything about this stuff its all a different language but have managed to find a few local indep diesel mechanics on the phone who seem to think the dealer may be scamming me or the tech just doesn't know what he is doing
very hard to know if I am being scammed
THANKS in advance for ANY advice before paying the bill
Truck does not drive or shift differently. Will it harm the truck to keep driving it?
replaced damper shock, but problem still exist.
This is the second time this happened, was driving down the interstate with my 9000 pound fifth wheel. I was using the tow haul switch but right before making a complete stop the engine died, this happened when I was taking the exit to my destination. Both times I had to engage the brake a little bit to hard. I have the brake control set at 6.5. When I try to start the engine again it will crank but don't start. If I wait about 15 minutes it will start again. I wonder if i'm doing something wrong. This happened only when exiting the interstate and using the tow haul switch. The first time it did it was about four months ago and I thought it was the fuel because a had only a quarter of the tank left but after a few tries it started back up. This second time I had over half a tank of diesel, so I just waited the 15 minutes to started again. I will appreciate any advises!!
There were broken wires inside the LH rear door wiring conduit. 2 wires touched that shouldn't have. Replaced the harness and everything works on the truck except the power door locks, key fob, and keyless entry pad. When you operate the door switch and key fob you can hear a click in the SJB (smart junction box) in passenger foot well. I have searched everywhere for a relay or fuse and found nothing. I have been to dealership and they seem very elusive like they know what to do but won't tell me. help!!!
light came on when I got to the top of the hill it went off and has not came on again. I did not have the tow/haul button on but turned it on after I got up the hill
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