2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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the tach quit working a month ago but seem to shift fine. can you send picture of what sensor looks like and where to find it?
changed switch at master cylinder cleaned clockspring put on new switch on steering wheel. still not working
2008 f250 sd 6.4 tubo diesel. it gets hot and barley blows air
My Ford F-250 with the 5.4 will not start when the temp gets below zero. If I plug it in, after as littl as 10 minutes it fires up. Can that be a sign of a faulty fuel pump relay
has done this several times, wait until sun goes down and it will start
This happened 3 times last year, when I get in the truck blower motor doesn't cone on till I'm driving and hit a bump. The last week it's been happening almost everytime. When it finally comes on all the blower speeds works until I turn the truck off, then starts over again. My brother replaced the blower resistor, but it's still doing the same thing.
I've read a few articles and really looks like the motor needs to be replaced.
Anybody ever dealt with this before?
all calipers and saddles and brake components are tight and in good shape very very slight wheel play in right front when truck is in air no visible play in ball joints
When I drive over bumps slow the truck stalls out then the wrench & engine light come on. Also some times when I put into drive it stalls out but in reverse & just idling in park it runs fine
Experiencing occasional long cranking starts. Having to turn key 4 to 5 times with pumping pedal until it starts. Truck has less than 60k miles. these long cranking issues happen @ anytime of the day or morning.
truck has no prior problems call me soon F2 50 super duty with the V 10 triton 6.8 I replaced the alternator I replaced the starter I replaced the battery but now there is no power no Chuck go 20 miles an hour
In my 2008 Ford f250 lariat the traction control does not work. The light comes on the button and dash that it is off. When I press the button it still says off. All of the harness and wiring in the truck are in excellent condition.
The keyless entry fob is not working on my Ford f250 . I have to lock and unlock the doors manually. The panic button doesn't work either. Happened over a year ago. Tried reprogramming it as Ford said by putting the key in the ignition. Dealer couldn't solve it.
My 2008 F250 Super Duty leaking again from plastic radiator. Very low miles...< 80k I think. Ford needs to deal with this. Too expensive!!! I didn't go io zone rep or submit complaint the first time and now they say my truck is too old! I'm not giving on this! Don't know if this is class action issue but I'm very dissatisfied! This thing was $55k when purchased...shame on you, Ford!!!!
At 125,000 miles had random misfire code 0300, 0302, 0307, and the throttle body one(don't remember number) replaced all spark plugs, still coded on 0302, replaced cylinder 2 coil and boot, still coded random misfire and cylinder 2, replaced throttle body and that code is gone but still 0300, and 0302, not sure where to go from here..............any thoughts
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