2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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I replaced the ekg and the check engine light is still on is there anything else that can make the check engine light to come on and say it's the ekg after you put a new one in so if the ekg is new can it be something else in the ekg system
i am trying to figure out total capacity of coolant for my truck so i can drain and replace coolant
This warning light came on when driving up hill while towing rv

The ford manual said to contact Ford?

After stopping truck and restarting the light went out?
The truck has been gradually getting harder to start, it is now taking about 20-30 seconds of cranking to build oil pressure to start the engine. After that it bogs down on accelerating and can sometimes stall. It seems to be getting worse. I had the IPR valve replaced with the more fail proof version 20,000 miles ago.Could it be the HPOP, fuel injectors, or something else?
bang when coming out 4 wheel drive now wont go back in 4 wheel

Death wobble! Ford motors sent out letter it's because of tire pressure but our mechanic says not only have 42,000 on truck
Had a puddle of oil under th front end of truck when I came to a stop and the mechanic said a sensor it just happen on Sunday took it in the next day
it loads up and wont accelerate for abou five seconds . if I drive it hard for a while it clears up . when it does this there is a lot of black smoke
had 2,3,5 misfire codes replaced inj.s & coils 5 hit for a min. and quit again 2&3 no change
I have put my hands on everything I can think of, but have not found anything loose. I have replaced rear shocks but this did not sove problem. When going over a bump it feels like the body is falling back to the frame. I am stating to suspect the cab/bed rubber mounting bushings but not sure. Any advice on how to check this out?
Found 2 fault codes for fuel sending unit - sensor A circuit.
after running normal, it just died. then I changed fuel filters, started it again, it ran for about 5 minutes,then quit working
what I noticed that when cranking it the ABS light comes on. Please help me fix this problem. Thank You.
The tuck start and runs butt no throttle
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