2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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when the fuel tank reads quater tank it will not start,the gauge is accurate because when i fill it up it only takes about 20 gallons,any ideas

I was driving my truck early this week and noticed that when I turned over the engine a bunch of white smoke came pouring out tail pipe and could smell antifreeze. Filled with some water and had no problems until 4 days later my truck was sucking gallons and gallons of water, over heated and started blowing a black smoke. Now it is really sucking the water down even more. What is wrong?

Truck won't start after driving a while. I been told the oil pressure plug is leaking. Truck will start after it has cooled down (30-45 minutes).

Whats the labor time for each fuel filter in this vehicle. There two one under the hood, and one at the fuel pump.

i have sedement in the fuel tank to be removed (foreign matter in fuel I purchased at a service station).

how do i drain out all the oil and water to put in anti-freeze

my engine lite came on and i would like to know some reasons why

This truck is a standard shift, 6 speed. It does'nt matter what gear its in but when the tack reaches 3000 rpm the engine misses when the accelerater is to the floor. Sometimes when its missing the engine light will blink or sometimes will stay on. Throws out different codes. P0171 Sys. Too Lean Bank 1, P0174 Sys. Too Lean Bank 2, P0300 Random/Multiple Cyl. Misfire Detected, P0304 Cyl. #4 Misfire Detected.

05, 5.4 gas Spins fine, but hard to crank intermnitently. Seems to be worse when cold, but no codes. I have changed fuel pump & fuel pump control module. I have been told to check the idle control valve, but 04 was the last year to have them.

how to remove a heater core and how to put a new one in

I have a 2005 F250 super duty and I can only put about 2 gallons of fuel in at a time. Fuel comes up the filler pipe and kicks off the pump nozzel. It's very frustrating to fill the tank this way. Any one no what's wrong?

My 2005 f250 with 26,543 miles has alot of rust going on where the bed meets the frame on top of the rails. Anyone know what can be done to stop this. And to let you know I take great care to wash under the truck and the truck is not used for construction work.

To explain it better I took video and loaded it to youtube. Here is the video link: As you can see in the video the RPMs drop and jump all while sitting at idle. I have the truck in drive and my foot on the break. It's been doing this over the last two months whenever I stop at a light, sometimes the RPMs drop too low and it stalls but not that often.

egr cooler replacement

want to do myself but not sure exactly where the # 5 cylinder, spark plug and coil are located under hood