2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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it died on me twice the first time, had a little less than a quarter of a tank, went to fill up, then took it to shop. they drove it around but couldn't find anything, i drove it around and just about when i hit the little less than a quarter of the tank it started to the same thing.
Truck drove fine before blowing my front driveshaft in drive and 1st and 2nd after I got the drive shaft out and fixed the wires it had ripped out my truck no longer has the power to move its self in drive but is completely fine in 2nd and 1st what is the problem?
04 f250 6.0 superduty harly davidson
I towed it home and tried to start it and turned on like nothing happened but after five mins it shut off by its self and would not turn on till like 30 mins later. im thinking its the fuel injection control module. Any ideas thanks in advance
Speedo Indcates normally most under most other conditions
The temp gauges shut down the check gage light comes on and the check engine symbol comes on, when I run the codes I get none, I reset the codes and then a short time later it happens again the truck it self is running good I am not sure what is going on.
spent a lot of money having it worked on injectors/ head/ starter/filters all chip/just a few other things
Need to know how to install antifreeze.
after 1st occurrence, had regular service and replaced air filter. Problem recurred next time truck was in slow/standstill city traffic. To mechanic again,diagnostic computer identified a problem with speed sensor in the transmission. Sensor replaced and trans fluid changed. (approx. $400)and problem has resurfaced in less than 1 week - all occurrences in slow/standstill city traffic (approx. 150,000 kms)
The noise use to kick off shortly after the glow plug light went out,but now it doesn't.Is this possibly the fuel pump going out?
Loss power would not move go dead in drive put in neutral idle fine step on gas pedal black smoke started comming from tail pipe killed truck crank back up and has been running ever since but still is blowing black smoke out of tail pipe when idle and when u press gas more smoke pours out of pipe what could this be put a can of sea foam in tank after this started thinking bad fuel maybe
Started out on camp trip, got to the first hill, and the truck was floored and only made it to 30mph.
Truck will shut down and not restart. Would like to know what caused this? We have replaced valve once and drove about 10 miles. Shutdown happened again.
Runs fine going forward but when I put it in reverse it starts bogging down and dies. Starts back up. Sometimes it doesn't do it. Any ideas
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