2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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But when I park down hill it starts right up

Drove for 325 miles, parked, then in 2 days started with no problem, ran for 10 minutes, went to start again and then it wont start just cranks. Checked fuses, fuel lines, fuel filter, has a full tank of fuel.

It will start sometimes if its cool

Started rough, drove fine for less than 3 miles, shut the engine off for approx 3 mins (to clean wipers in the rain) will not start back up. Cranks fine, will not start, suspect fuel pickup tube in the tank as that I have a half tank of fresh fuel. Replaced frame pump a little over a year ago and filters do need to be changed. I have been reading that it may also be the oil pump. No codes. HELP!!!

Just got about 200 miles into trip and truck started running rough Lowe got bad gas or Like is thirsty for gas maybe. Then we stop to check wires and get more gas got to leave station and while idling in drive check engine light comes on and truck dies we started it again light is still on and still running rough This just started we r out of town and no where near home. Truck has 145,000 miles on it had tune up 30,000 miles ago oil changed regularly since we bought truck with 105,000 on ot

it died on me twice the first time, had a little less than a quarter of a tank, went to fill up, then took it to shop. they drove it around but couldn't find anything, i drove it around and just about when i hit the little less than a quarter of the tank it started to the same thing.

Truck drove fine before blowing my front driveshaft in drive and 1st and 2nd after I got the drive shaft out and fixed the wires it had ripped out my truck no longer has the power to move its self in drive but is completely fine in 2nd and 1st what is the problem?

04 f250 6.0 superduty harly davidson