2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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Gasoline engine not diesel
Truck would nOt restart it just kept cranking like it was out of gas, and the truck had a quarter tank of gas. Is it the fuel pump or somethi g to do with computer?
fine, sounds like a compression issue. engine will start after a few tries and then runs but sounds like it is skipping once in awhile. also engine will start fine after sitting overnight wit engine heater plugged in.
Every time I go to shift into drive or reverse with the engine on it doesn't shift. in order to drive or reverse I have to turn off the engine, shift into neutral then turn the engine on. after I turn the engine it shifts into drive and reverse no problem. but as soon as I shift into park it wont allow me to shift back out of park with the engine on. whats wrong with it
I was driving up hill when I heard a noise like a tire blowing out but then lost power to my engine I have an Edge monitoring system but no chip it said that my temps where good but I had 0-psi boost power, I need to know if I blew my turbo or if there might be some other problem.
This is on my 2004 Ford F-250 6.0L turbo diesel early model with round EGR. I just changed out the EGR and Oil cooler and the truck was running great. Where do I start
work intermittenly, all 3 started at same time. If it is bad blower resistor where is it located and how do I check it, thanks.

4 door super cab
5.9 gasoline engine
2 new batt ,new fuel filters new oil filters checked and confirmed fuel at top engine mount checked ficm 48 volt ,had starter benched tested good and replaced altinator also checked all pulleys cranks really slughish and sound like something holding it from turning over
All other states "ready". I have performed 5 drive cycles as per recommended in the owners manual, another from the ford site, and another found on you tube as well as "just drive it some more" as the smog shop recommends. NO trouble codes have listed.
What's next?
I thought it was a fuel issue so I changed the fuel pump and filters but the same thing is happening and no check engine light is on
When I fill my truck up, the fuel gauge shows full until I get around 3/4 then it drops to empty. Sometimes (once or twice) when I turn off the ignition and back on it will show the correct level when it's below 3/4, until I turn the ignition off and on again.

It will always show full when topped off and then at around 3/4 full drop suddenly.
When it turns over will not even fire then when it does start runs normal with no power loss. Does not do this all the time
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