2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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installed a cd player in my 2004 f250 super duty and now have no power to the truck at all i checked all fuses and also checked my wiring again and still no poweri didnt unhook anything other than the factory radio how do i fix this..
When new the exterior lights on my 2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup(running boards and cargo box) shut off after a few seconds. Now they stay on for up to an hour after shutting down the truck. How do I Fix that? Where do I find the associated timer?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's always there
How long have you had this problem? A couple of months
So while driving I hit a pheasant. It busted the grill, the bracket that holds the grill and punctured the metal "grate" (it looks like a large version of the grate/fins that is on the back of a window AC) that is infront of the radiator. What is this called? I know it is not a grate.
Does this only when cool fan is plugged in. If unplugged, no issues.did this when after market fan clutch was installed.
i want to fix the problem so I want to can it be fixed and if so how much will it probably cost me to have fixed?
What are some problems to look out for on a Ford F250 super duty 7.3 liter powerstroke
Checked relays fusses. How do you check neutral safety? I turn the key everything is on try to engage starter lt doesn't. Tried it later it worked. 3
Month s later cold morning won't turn over.
Truck has only done this when starting for first time in the morning, starts and runs fine rest of day. I had the IAC valve and MAF sensor replaced less than 9 months ago. Truck has 150,000 + miles and gets regular 3 month oil changes.
thi down the road and it just stalled s happend after he put gas into the truck.he was driving down the road and it just stalled.somtimes it starts and runs for a few seconds than stalles out again.he changed the fuel filter but didnt change the problem
It acts like only running on 2 out of 8 cyclenders and I didn't even try to restart it been having problems starting before
It happens everytime i drive the truck and it heats up. The only way to stop it is to loosen the cap and leave it lise
Changed oil and filter, started engine and there is no oil pressure registered on the guage
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