2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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I lose all power towing up a hill
I lose all power up hills people pass me same size truck same size trailer know problem
What is most probably the cause of crank no start issue?
and the 4 wheel drive will not disengage automatically have replace the hub assemble on passenger front cause that seems to be where the vibration is coming from and the bearings were replaced had a new transfer case module and motor also installed
can my oil cooler be leaking did a compression leak down it was fine no coolant in the engine oil, and can the oil cooler be tested or by past mybe?
Thinking rear end, i get a bounce at 40 mph., i hear a clunk on occasion, truck seams like its tryin to pull a load, i have smelled gear oil/ or axle greese from rear of truck a couple times
Fuel gauge reads empty every time I start truck. stays on empty even though it has full tank.
And the mirror won't move now
all the other dash lights come on but not in the headlight switch
As I was driving down a hill at 65 mph dark grey smoke started spilling out and no power was lost at all just smokes took it in and they said cylinder 3 contribution/balance did I just screw up Iv only had the truck 2 days
have bled brakes several times, has soft,spongy or no pedal, then has good pedal,then back,
Do i need a scan tool?
After reconnecting my battery this morning I had a no start no crank problem. I did drive my pick up 10 minutes prior to the disconnecting and reconnecting of my battery!
knocking noise coming from the air intake only at idle . it idles really rough to .no engine lights on or warnings
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