2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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Light just came on now check engine light stay on where do i look when no.3 cylinder is not working don't have plugs so what is it
2 weeks ago while on expressway, truck shut itself off, ive replaced alternator, starter, solenoid, ignition switch, and it shows no code errors. when you turn on the key all dummy and interior lights come on, it makes one loud click like you would hear if your battery were low, and thats it. Click. Truck was running great the day before. its just had a tune up, new plugs and coils, new timing belt, new radiator to transmission hoses, new radiator overflow bottle, new heater core, new radiator cap and thermostat,new front brakes and pads..
in the engine?
when i replace the fuse it lasts a couple of days then blows out at cold start
when I turn it off, it takes 45- 1 hour for it to start back up.
Where is the horn relay located and how is it replaced?
When I take off from a stop light there is a ton of steam coming from underneath the truck and it's not coming out of the exhaust at all and there is no water in the oil and it is not overheating but it is skipping just a little. Sitting inside the cab you can smell that radiator smell real bad.
my engine turn over but wont start
it wont start (wont turn over) turn the key several times off on off on and it will finally start, or let it sit for a hr or so and it will start. i have tested what i thought was all the re-lays, starter,p/n safety switch, fuel pump pressure and relay, no engine codes, then i found out that their is another starter relay by the battery's negative post. can anyone confirm this
grinding noise tords the back. the long thing ?driveshaft or line? that comes out the back of trans looks like it is screwed the black plastic boot is almost all gone in front of that is another joint looking thing that has some sm metal broke from it. I need help how to fix what is wrong went wrong how to fix how much to fix or should I just trade it in. please just how screwed am I? an yes I am a female I don't know what everything is called realy need any helpful info!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been having trouble with my battery staying charged. I cant get the truck to run now. I changed out a glow plug that was discolored where the wire attaches. This didnt solve the problem. When I turn on the key the voltage light goes all the way down to nothing. My glow plug light isnt coming on either. I pulled my fifth wheel to the lake came home and it just started acting up like this
Steering locks and don't want to turn and wobbles and shakes down the road to where u have to pull over steering wheel gets really tight and have to use both hands to turn it .. When u straighten up wheel goes back and forth really rapid and can't hold on at that point almost took out a telephone pole and guide rail checked all steering linkage.. Jacked up the wheels and checked up and down side to side no play there this happens everyday for two weeks and with in ten minutes of driving short distances to and from work
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