1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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plugs were replaced along with coils and wires no help rainy weather seems to promote problem
codes p1458,p1460 were also seen when scanned

We took it to a desile mechanic and he could not duplicate it. replaced both batteries, they went through all the wiring, The horn does not work, changed the alternator. What else ??????

Replaced intake gaskets, no change. switched COP's and no change.

When I drive down the road I will hear a grind sound like 4 wheel wants to kick in , if I turn on the 4 wheel drive it will stop. I have to drive it in 4 wheel drive or it will do this all the time it is set on auto on the hubs, they have been just replaced, I no the pump is good or the 4 wheel would not kick in. What would cause this to do this a short in the switch on the dash or is their any other part iI should check.

Engine was able to be remote started, when put in drive and applied gas, it stalled out. Engine will turn over but won't start. Several hours later, it started. 24 hours later, it started but stalled out going down the road. Upon closer inspection, all fuses are fine, but there isn't any power to the fuel pump relay, nor fuses, 1 & 3 (trailer tow pkg), 7 (trailer battery charge relay), 9 (Left headlamp), and 11 (right headlamp). Yet both headlamps work. Trying to back track and figure out where the problem is coming from. Not sure if this is related, but the ABS quit working about a year ago.

I drive an early build 99 Ford F-250 SD XLT Extended cab V 8 5.4 L Gas 6 speed 4WD. When I accelerate my truck in neutral gear it losses it's power and the engine stops working .When I have high beams ,cb radio, marker lights, and off road lights on and accelerate ,my truck can't handle it and it dies out. Do you think the fuel injectors are the cause ,or the egr valve,alternator ,coil or battery? Also as I shift into the first gear and stop suddenly , the head lights loose power,for I can see clearly how the brightness decreases and then comes back . Please reply me as soon as possible

The check engine light came on and stayed on for a day and then it went away and came back on two days later. I haven't found anything wrong with the engine. Is it just a bad sensor?

Replaced chasis wiring harness, engine harness because of badly damaged(bare) at plugs. Replaced multifunctional switch for turn signals and flashers because relay was buzzing.

How hard is it to replace, all fuses are good fan does not work

99 f250 super duty runs rough at idel give it gas engine races then a couple second tach wil drop and start running rough again and when driving the tach will bounce up and down when slowing down I replaced engine temp sensor replaced abs sensor in rear end I replaced engine temp sensor and now my gauge wont work tried 3 different sensors checked for codes and only thing that came up was engine temp was to cool I think so that's why I replace engine temp sensor

i have cut the bed floor over the gas tank {i am replacing the bed}and dont see any thing with a 3 wire electrical connector except the sending unit fuel pump assy. no other wires going to the fuel tank. i have a new sensor from ford and see nothing that looks like it on the top of the fuel tank.