1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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We're is the signal and hazard flashers relay located at
I just hear the relays click. Batteries are good.
1999 Ford F250 Super Duty Power stroke. The shift indicator started not line up. Reverse became neutral. There were no problems, then reverse became drive. a couple of days later the transmission decided to not shift on it's own. Reverse works fine. You must go to 1st manually then shift to second as you gain speed then the same process to 3rd.
The truck runs fine, it will just not shift on it's own. Do you think its the shift cable or something else, I'm missing?
just bought the truck from a second party last week. everything seemed good. on Friday coming from work in the heat of las vegas. the truck got hot and stalled out checked the water and what looks like oil was mixed in with the coolant.
We have to buy a rebuilt motor for a truck and they asked us if are truck has an EGR system and we have no idea. How would we find out question mark it's got the original motor in it right now. Thank you
my 7.3 diesel is hard to start if not plugged for a period of time
Suicide doors will not open.
Back doors will not open
Could the sender wire be disconnected or broken (hopefully) or do i have to drop the tank and replace the sender.
checked fuse 3 - looks good - cigar lighter not working also
Try to scan to retrieve codes telling me that there is no power to the data link connector cannot retrieve any codes
No power to the OBD two connector
Driving on the freeway my trucks oil pressure went to nothing and the motor stopped when I left the highway and now it will not restart.
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