1998 Ford F-250 Questions

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Screeching noise. Does anyone know what this is??? And how much it would take to fix
fuse all good indicator lamps work with ignition in on position
i have replace the fuel pump,tune up,crank sensor and cam sensor, still i am not getting no fire . can sombody please point me to my next lead, thanks in advance.
the sooner the better!!!
Yes , need to replace my ac control panel . Can not afford factory parts . What type of Ford truck or suv ac control panel is compatible to my 1998 Ford f 250? Thank u
I have replaced the vacuum module and the solenoid on the firewall, on occasion if engine is cold and u turn on defrost it will kick into 4 wh low.Also heat it sketchy at best. Will warm up and have heat for awhile and then gets cold. Replaced t stat and now suspect water pump has internal problem. Any ideas
I have replaced to vacuum solenoid and booster or whatever its called on the front diff.I heard somewhere that if you put the heat on defrost and then engage the 4 wh that a specific vacuum line is bad . I tried the defrost thing and 4 wh will kick on low only. I cannot find a bad vacuum anywhere. Please help
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