1997 Ford F-250 Questions

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When I plugged in the cable correctly it didn't start. The battery works fine. But when I go to turn the motor on, it doesn't turn over.
I just replaced the ignition control module and coil. I drove it to different locations for half a day and it ran fine and then it decided to not start again. I tried starting it again today, but it just continues to sound like it wants to start, but does not. Funds are low so I want to try and pinpoint the problem on my own instead of having to put out a ton of money to a mechanic. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have 1997 F-250 4 wd, 8 cyl, dual gas taknks with a 351 Winsor motor that continues to stall or not start at all. This happens quite often and has to sit for several, if not more, hours and has to be cool outside in order for it to start again. It acts as though it is out of gas, but it is not
When I turn the key to the off position the engine still runs slow, but is still running. I have to let the engine die starve. No engine will not turn over?
97 F250 7.3, 85K, at start up amp gauge registers 1/4 after a few minutes it goes to just above 1/2, replaced batteries & alternator, symptom persists..what's wrong ?
i notice this in overdrive only and the rpm increase a little is this normal?
over light is coming on, trans was rebuilt,and its draining my battery's. its a diesel.
truck seems to hesitate when I go from tank to tank, it is okay at idle, tries to shut down when I try to accelerate gas.
and the truck wants to stall its an automatic.
I put new batteries, new starter, new slave cylinder, and new injectors, and the motor & everything that needs to turn for the truck to start; turns just fine by hand only, please any thoughts are welcome.
Please call if you know for sure what the problem is. I need my truck for work tomorrow please help.
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