1995 Ford F-250 Questions

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we have changed the ipr sensor , cam sensor,oil pressure senor ignition turns over but wont fire
we also bled the whole system but the pedal remains down? what is the problem
I replace the water pump radiator hoses thermostat housing thermostat no more leaks but it still overheats within 10 minutes of driving
Put additive in put no help. Sometime it goes and other not could it be a pluged filter. I would guess the oil gets like the gas when it sits. I had to replace the gas filter make a world of difference on the motor running
After a main tank fuel pump replacement and battery dying, my trucks rpm are extremely high.I replaced the idle air control but
got no change i am not stumped as to where to go next already sunk more money than I could safely spend into it.. help!
I have a 1995 ford f250 and the parking brake light and the ABS light come on after about 2 minutes of driving every time.
I had a clutch line leaking, and I fixed the leak, bled the clutch line, and I cant get my clutch built up, it releases at the very bottom. I have to shut the motor off to put it in reverse. It was fine before the leak?
where are the two sensors on a 1995 Ford F250 5.8 engine 8 cylinder located?
F250 4X4 5 speed
F250 4X4 1995 Ford
2001 F-250 auto transmission, i just replace the cluctchs reinstalled and 1st to sechond will only shift if im taking real easy then the other gearsa shift fine unless you jump on it hard then its like you put it in neutral. the trans was shifting correct when i pulled it out
I can't find it to replace it!Where is it located?
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