1993 Ford F-250 Questions

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All the oil in my 1993 Ford f250 7.3 diesel ran out in a huge puddle. What could it possibly be? Husband thinks its either the engine oil cooler or the filter but isn't sure
It worked fine for about a month now it don't. Please help.
If. Its cool out or raining truck runs good when its warm it dies able to start it back up but will die again for a Coue more times then have to wait for a while before it starts changed coil distributor cap rotor ignition control module
Caused fuel,temp,oil,volt,and tach,and wait to start light to quit working. Where to look for problem
Happens every time I drive it.
be,replaced while the steering box is still on the truck frame.?all works well but the truck is leaking from,the bottom seal, where the steering arms bolt too steering box behind large nut thanks hopefull lol
I had a speed sensor code and after changing vss on rear diff things got worse

Now I have abs light on, no speedo and code

Went back to old sensor still abs light but speedo can back but erratic still code

Cleaned connector back to new sensor still have issue

Wire looks ok but have traced all the way back

All was fine before the repair except thep code

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