1992 Ford F-250 Questions

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My truck starts & stays on when idling but will shut off once I gas it or start to leave. After it shuts off it will start right back up. It's a 92 F250 diesel. Never had this problem before.
I'm looking at purchasing a 1992 f250 xlt 7.5l with 143,000 miles on it, the tranny has been rebuilt once to my knowledge. I've heard and read that the 92 to 94 trannys had issues about slipping, and so on. Was wondering if this is a truck to kind of shy away from or if itd still be a good truck. its been really well taken care of. Thank you!
there is no reverse or neautral just bought truck don't know other than trans filter has been replaced hoping could be linkage adjustment or ext component to tranny.As soon as you shift from park to any position it is only goes forward
The fuel pump went out on the truck and now I have fuel once again and the truck will run but when I try to accelerate (even in park) it falls straight on it's face. now if I unhook vacuum on map sensor I can accelerate but that makes the truck not want to shift.
About 4 days ago my truck wouldn't start until I smacked on the gas tank, so I replaced the fuel pump but now when truck starts it is running rough and there is black smoke coming from exhaust. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
the window will jump if ipull on the top and press the close button at the same time.
I have looked everywhere for it.
goes to the rear tank? The same thing happens when i fill the rear tank with gas, it goes to the front tank.
burns out right away. What can i do?
The fual in the rear tank can be used up, but when I switch to the front tank it goes down in less then 5 miles and will put the unused gas in the rear tank. I must us up the gas in the rear before I switch to the front tank.
replaced the oil pump and I'm not getting oil pressure
my pedal dont stop and my rear breaks stack
I have 2 tanks. Recently had trouble starting the truck...think it is the fuel pump...
This truck does fine until I hook my 5th wheel on then the transmission begins to leak what will it take to fix this
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