1991 Ford F-250 Questions

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Had it taken to shop .. Drivable n changed out clutch pressure plate slave cylinder new line n new clutch master cylinder .. Got truck back n had no response on pedal .. Now it jumps when starting
installed new fuel pump in rear tank which made it run a little better. Hesitates.
Runs great on front tank.
If i let off gas peddle it smooths started back firing real bad now it wont start at all
My oil pressure gauge has quit working properly. It shows low or no pressure when I am sure the engine is fine.
I did check today while looking for a sending unit or direct line to the oil pressure gauge which suddenly started going all over the place (in the low range). The motor (351W) is a new crate motor with only 8000 miles. I was sure it was not the motor because when it was at idle the needle went up and when accelerating it would go off the scale to the low. So I am wondering if I have a sending unit (which I cant find) or a true oil pressure gauge with a supply of oil going to the gauge. I could just live with this but the true oil pressure is important to me. I have really bad eyesite with one nearly dead eye so I am having trouble finding even what type gauge it is. If I cant get an answer I might purchase a true gauge of oil pressure but as of now I would not know where to install it in the motor.
Started truck to let it warm up. Came out and truck was no longer running. I checked fuel good. Checked spark. And nothing. So I replaced coil. Still no spark. I checked and I have power to coil but no spark. Why?
When i turn left, everything is OK. When I turn towards the right, it's very hard to turn (2 hands). I checked my ps fluid, the cap was off (not a snug fit?). I added fluid, drove a few miles still same problem. I looked up some things on google. Might be "Rack & Pinion"? What parts make up the R&P? I'd like to price it, to do myself.
Thanks in advance.
Windows work fine.

Is this the ecs valve, or a fuel pump It

has had tune up, spark plugs, wires, and air filter replaced. Gears and clutch has been replaced as well.
This is a box truck which appears to be the same size as a FEDX truck. I am assuming its a 250
The oil pressure and battery volt meter gauge work fine. I was told that these gauges are all on the same fuse. The heater works fine so I don't think its a bad thermastate. Any advice would be very helpful Thank You
5.8 8 cylinder motor
i have recently bought a 1991 f250 4x4 and now i have oil in my coolant. i have flushed the system and i still have it there. i put bars block seal but i dont think i flshed it well enough. how can i flush it without the drainplug??
what causes the engine to die out, it will restart seems like something get hot and after it cools off it restarts
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