2004 Ford F-150 Lightning Questions

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What seems to make the problem better or worse? wont run or idle
How long have you had this problem? couple days
What's driving down the highway in the car tried to die I had to keep pedaling it to keep it running once I got to where I could stop it would only start and then die start and die wouldn't stay running
2004 ford lightning with 5.4 is making a burping sound out of air filter and intake
engine is making a burping boor sound out of the air intake filter
Only mods are cold air intake & oil separator. Service engine soon light
came on a couple thousand miles after
oil change (5w20 HPS Royal Purple & correct K&N filter) . No leaks and runs great.
I was told that that is what is sending an error code to the computer but was also told the check engine lights mainly have to do with engine problems, specifically the o2 sensor possibly?? Need to get it inspected of course, right when this happens....
the electrode on my 04 lightning is burnt off what could be the cause
does the engine in my 04 lightning have to be removed to do head gaskets
had a tune done worked fine for a while had iridium plugs gatorback belt pulley after 4 months it started draging wouldnt go over 80 had sort of a sputter sound i live in new york city ans i cant fine a shop that tunes and repairs ford lightnings
Could some one please give me the paint code that the lightning wheels were painted at factory. Have three new ones ( taken off when new )and one that was stripped and polished thanks
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