2003 Ford F-150 Lightning Questions

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My truck drives fine while in drive but as soon as i put in reverse it stalls completely.
What do i do
okay just bought a 2003 lightning runs fine at low speeds but when I got on the freeway put it under boost and it started cutting out and about 90-95 it acted like it was not getting fuel let off set cruise at 70 ran fine got 3 days to take back if its an easy fix prefer not to thanks
When i start my truck it runs fine for about ten second. then the rpms ease down and it begins to sputter(in park and neutral)acting like it wants to die but in drive and reverse it runs great Whats causing this?
i have a 2003 lightning. would it be alright to switch from royal purple to mobile 1?
My 2003 lightning has a high pitch whistling noise(sounds like a tea kettle) coming from behind the supercharger a little to the right. It only does it idling or when im at a steady speed but when I accelerate it stops. What could this be?
Bulbs ok. Fuses ok.
what is p1000 incomplete obt and p0234 engine overboost condition and how do i repair the problem? When in on the freeway and i give it speed, my service engine soon light starts to flash and when plug in a code reader, those to codes pop up.
My truck stalls during reverse. It drives fine, but when I shift to reverse it stalls. It happens every now and then. What is causing this and how can I fix it?
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