2002 Ford F-150 Lightning Questions

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I can see steam coming out of exhaust pipe on acceleration
This happens after washing truck or after rain
My son has a 2002 Ford Lightning and recently the engine has been shutting completely down while driving it...he lets it sit for 5 or 10 minutes and it starts up again and then dies after driving it for about 10 minutes...There is plenty of coolant in is not over heating...what could it be? The alternator?
new calipers i squeezed the old ones with a c clamp quickly should nt have probably and bleeder screw was clogged rust.all new now.goes down the road striaght till i hit the brakes.abs light has come on and gone out.Tried to bleed them by myself i have no help.should i bleed both sides at same time.
code p1451
I need to know what size my ring gear is or what website I can go to to tell me
When I put my truck in first gear, the transmission makes a grinding noise, but all the other gears are ok.
What is the pressure that the power steering pump developes
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