1993 Ford F-150 Lightning Questions

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truck stalled replaced filter and fuel relay then started to pump fuel out of front tank to back tank
When I first start the engine and it is in the closed loop warm up,where it idles a little high, it is okay. As the engine idle starts to go down it starts to idle rough like it has a high lift cam in it. Then all of sudden after a few minutes it does a short rev and starts to idle normal again. The time it takes to go through this process depend on how long it takes the engine to get to temp so the idle starts to drop. If i try to drive to truck before it goes through this whole process it tries to stall and I even get some popping or backfiring. I have replaced the Oxygen sensor,MAP sensor,vacuum lines,and EGR position sensor. Any advice would be helpful.
The alterator is fine, silinoid is fine. Have not tried an amp tester yet. Any advise where to start. I know a little but not alot.
my lightning has lost power quit a bit over all but recently when i get on it, it has no power it sounds like it would be running rite just no tourqe at all any ideas as to what this could be? 130,000 miles stock
I have only filled the rear tank and the last time I drove the truck the front tank started over flowing with pressure
Ok so as i stated I cannot turn the ignition key to the "on" position in order to be able to push and release the retaining pin. I have drilled out the pin itself and still cannot get the cylinder to release and come out. Am I missing something?? Anyone please help!! I am attempting to sell the truck and its pretty difficult considering I can't start the truck or drive it for potential buyers.
The engine is sometimes wanting to accelerate when I am not pushing on the gas. It does it in all the gears. If it is in drive it will go up to 40mph. Is this a major problem?
How do i get the fixture off to replace the bulb?I found 2 screws in the tailgate jam but still cant take it off.
i just went to my local repair shop to see if the check engine light thats on is still reads the egr does.the scan machine he used said egr isn't opening.what would cause this to happen.he also pulled the vaccum line off egr to see how much suction was he said there wasn't idles a little unsteady.but it i drives without any issues.if valve wasn't opening wouldn't truck be running alot worse then it does.i mean idle wise.
i'm replacing my EGR valve,an it says on your web page tells me to clean the egr system.what do i use to clean egr system out what do i clean.besides the ports.the ports is where the hole is when egr valve is pulled off correct.any answers you have will be greatly appreciated.
my check engine light on my 1993 lightning has been on for over 3 years now.i had it checked out with my garage,an he told me the code it through was for the EGR i replaced the part myself,including the sensor that bolts on to it is still idles fine a runs perfect.but the check engine light being on is killing me.what else could it be if the problem says egr.any answers to this question will be greatly appreciated.
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